About us

Intuition Communication is a specialist publisher of consumer and business-to-business information on private healthcare and medical travel. The company operates a network of leading healthcare and medical travel sites covering various sectors of the health and medical marketplace. You can focus your investment on one specific site that best meets your audience needs or use our network to target healthcare consumers in related market segments.

The company operates consumer-facing health and medical tourism portals including Private Healthcare UK, HarleyStreet.com, Harley Street Guide, Medical Expert, DoctorInternet, Treatment Abroad, Fertility Treatment Abroad and International Medical Travel Journal.

Intuition publishes regular surveys and reports, and undertakes bespoke research and consultancy projects on behalf of private healthcare providers, medical travel businesses, destinations and healthcare event organisers. The company has worked on projects and research initiatives such as the Medical Tourism Climate Survey, the Private Healthcare UK Self-Pay Study, UNWTO/ETC report “Exploring health tourism”, bespoke market research on behalf of clients such as Dubai Health Authority, and consultancy and marketing initiatives for clients including Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, the Lisbon Tourist Board, Dubai Health Authority, Royal Free Hospital London and the London General Practice.

Intuition organises 3 annual events:

  • The IMTJ Medical Travel Summit, a high level event aimed at senior decision makers involved in the medical tourism and international patient market.
  • The IMTJ Medical Travel Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievement in the medical travel, medical tourism and health tourism industry worldwide.
  • The Private Healthcare Summit, which examines how the market, demographic and behavioural changes, financial pressures and the impact of new technologies are shaping the future of private healthcare in the UK.


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