Medical tourism

Many know Intuition Communication through our online publishing activities in medical tourism such as Treatment Abroad and International Medical Travel Journal. But for medical tourism destinations, businesses and healthcare facilities, we are able to offer much more than just online publishing services.

We have been active in the medical tourism sector for many years. We have seen an industry develop that has often been over-hyped, and in which many market entrants have failed to develop or execute an effective strategy as a result of poor advice or poor understanding of what medical tourism is all about.

Intelligence, media , solutions…

The most common question that we are asked by destinations, governments, tourism associations, and individual hospitals and clinics is:

How can you help us to grow our business in medical tourism?

We offer the knowledge, expertise and tools to help you succeed in the medical tourism sector:

  • Intelligence… our research, data and guides help you to understand the medical tourism market, plan your strategy effectively and to monitor performance and measure your success.
  • Media… our consumer-facing websites provide information on treatments, destinations and healthcare providers to over 500,000 patients every month, providing an ideal platform to promote your services.
  • Solutions… our customer publishing and content marketing service creates tailored content, publications, websites and events for healthcare providers and destinations – enabling you to craft the right messages and use them effectively to attract international patients.

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