Private healthcare

In recent years, patients have become healthcare consumers. And these consumers go to the same place for information on healthcare products and services as they do for everything else: The web.

If you want to attract patients to your healthcare service, facility or business, then understanding how online and mobile can support the process of attracting and converting patients into paying customers is vital.

Media… Promotion via our web sites

We operate a network of leading UK healthcare sites covering various sectors of the health and medical marketplace. You can focus your investment on one specific site that best meets your audience needs or use our network to target healthcare consumers in related market segments. Our sites are aimed at “active treatment, service or product seekers” in the private healthcare sector – people who are actively seeking a solution to their healthcare need. The sites give people the opportunity to research a variety of services and products within their area of interest, and to contact them direct from the details or links provided on the web site, or through our Enquiry Forwarding Service.

Promoting your services through the Intuition family of UK healthcare portals is the option that delivers the best return on your online marketing investment.

Solutions… Building your reputation

Consumers and patients want to be more informed about their healthcare, the options for treatment and the services and products that can help them to achieve their healthcare goals. Online and offline resources that inform the patient’s choice are an excellent way of getting your message across and establishing your hospital, clinic or business as an authority in a particular area of treatment.

Our customer publishing and content marketing service for healthcare providers delivers tailored content and publishing solutions – online, in print, and face to face. This ranges from website and mobile app builds and branding, to treatment and facility guides, magazines, video and digital content creation, and live events.

Intelligence… Understanding your market

We provide independent research and data on the private healthcare market. We publish surveys and reports, and undertake bespoke research projects. Our services include original research into patient needs and behaviour; benchmarking of competitors; market forecasting and trends; and best practice guides.