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Medical Tourism…behind the hype

Behind the hype(2)There are now more than 80 countries that are seeking to become medical tourism destinations. Governments, national tourism organisations and healthcare businesses across the globe are involved in the “medical tourism gold rush”.

But for many the pursuit of medical tourism gold has been in vain.

There are a multitude of reasons why success has proved elusive.

But there are some common themes:

  • Investment in healthcare facilities and medical tourism services has been made on a “if we build it, they will come” approach.
  • National medical tourism strategy has been poorly thought through. Programme leaders have not recognised that success in medical tourism is dependent on:
    • Identifying profitable market segments and market niches that match the nation’s capabilities and those of its healthcare providers.
    • Fully understanding the needs of the target markets.
    • Developing a brand and medical tourism offering to meet those needs.
    • Raising awareness within and effectively communicating the benefits to the target audience.

Some countries have embarked on the promotion of medical tourism without ensuring their readiness to handle the diverse needs of international patients. They have failed to deliver the brand promise.

Some countries have quite simply paid a great deal of money for poor advice!

There are opportunities for you to grow your international patient business if you can get the right message across to the right audience through the right media. Understanding the market requires insight from people who really do understand the market – leading thinkers and experts in medical tourism who can provide an independent and honest view of the market sector, your market position and the opportunities available.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you to attract and engage with medical tourists through better content and communication… online, on screen, on mobile or in print.

How can we help?

How can we helpWhether you are new to the medical tourism sector or you’re “once bitten, twice shy”, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support a medical tourism initiative.

Healthcare doesn’t stand still….nor does medical travel. The medical tourism sector is a complex, immature but growing market; few have grasped how to exploit the opportunities that it offers. And there are few people around the industry who really “get it”. The sector has experienced a gold rush in which hospitals, clinics and destination countries have entered the market in pursuit of medical tourism gold.

Identifying the market opportunities is one of the biggest challenges. We can help you in the following areas:

  • Medical Tourism strategy (with the help of our Medical Travel Insight team)
  • Brand development
  • Medical Tourism Audit
  • Implementing best practice
  • Marketing and promoting your medical tourism offering
  • Creating a distributing a destination guide
  • Presenting a positive impression to English speakers
  • Get advice from industry experts.

Download our Marketing to Medical Tourists workshop brochure

Workshops, conferences and training

Medical Tourism Marketing Services BrochureDevelop your capabilities through an in-country marketing workshop.

Our team of trainers and educators are experienced in healthcare and international medical travel, offering their knowledge and skills to help your healthcare providers succeed. We can help you to achieve measurable results in return on investment and improved customer satisfaction – results that are essential to your success in medical tourism.

Our two day intensive workshop and training session focuses on the practical information and steps needed to attract patients to healthcare providers in your country. Using a combination of subject content, successful examples, case studies, and group participation similar to a graduate school environment, each participant will learn how to maximize their marketing and communication strategies. This workshop is highly interactive and registrants are required to prepare in advance in order to maximize learning. Registration is limited to no more than 50 participants.

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