Is medical tourism thriving, dying, static or growing?

Who are the rising stars and who have peaked and fallen?

Fortunes can rise and fall in months, while potential is more variable by region, country and even within countries, than has ever been the case, and that also applies to demand. Countries thought of as solid leaders have hit serious trouble, while previous “no hopers” are doing well.

Global medical tourism has been static at around £7 million for five years and shows no signs of growth. What is changing rapidly is each country’s share of the total.

Domestic medical tourism is increasing and is worth up to £3 million, while health and wellness tourism is worth over £50 million and growing each year.

Trying to keep up to date with the ever changing medical tourism and healthcare, health insurance, and regulation activity in every country is like walking backwards up an escalator – stand still and you go backwards.

The report discusses the dynamics of medical tourism, providing insights into the supply chain, business models, products and the targeted consumer- and how the rise of medical tourism portals is having an effect. With background material suitable for both experts and newcomers to medical tourism and bang up to date numbers, this is a report you cannot afford to ignore.

This comprehensive report by Ian Youngman looks at the now and the future, in the context of the past; it is essential reading to any organisation that is serious about medical tourism.

You can read more and download the report from International Medical Travel Journal