This 250 page report from Intuition Communication, publishers of Private Healthcare UK, is an in-depth analysis of the growing self-pay market for elective surgery in the UK.

Over 5,000 prices updated for 2016

This research highlights the factors behind the growth of the self-pay market for elective surgery, examines the offerings of the major healthcare providers, and includes an in-depth analysis of pricing in the self-pay market. The research was conducted in June 2015, however between May and June 2016, Private Healthcare UK updated its existing database of self-pay prices from all the leading UK providers. In total we collected and analysed around 5,000 prices for a range of diagnostic procedures, treatments and surgical procedures most commonly carried out for self-paying patients.

In conducting the research, we set out to understand better the drivers behind self-pay surgery and to gauge the views of those in the market about the prospects for the next three to five years. Since the publication of our first report into the self-pay market, the Competition and Markets Authority has published the results of its investigation into the private healthcare market. We have examined the effect of this on price transparency and the level of pricing in the UK market.

We talked to senior industry figures about their view of the market sector, carried out an online survey of participants in the private healthcare sector, including hospital managers, clinicians and senior decision makers.

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